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Sun Silicates manufactures a full range of exfoliated Perlite products. This includes filter media, cryogenic insulation as well as construction- and hydroponic- grade Perlite.

Sun Silicate’s state of the art plant uses natural gas for the high temperature exfoliation process making the product inert and suitable for use in the food industry. Sun Silicates is Halaal, and ISO 9001:2015 certified.

High-quality Perlite ore is imported from Turkish and Greek mines, ensuring that we provide our customers with the finest quality product.

Perlite has been described as “The versatile mineral”, and can be used in various applications in different industries.



Perlite filter-aid is used for the filtration of wine, fruit juices, metal solutions and a variety of oils.



In the construction industry, SunPerl perlite is widely used in Europe and the USA for its exceptional insulating properties in wall plasters and screeds. See our sister Company CemteQ.

The construction grade product is the aggregate used in high-temperature insulating refractory concretes. Perlite excels in these applications, due to its high melting point, low density and chemically inert nature.



The agricultural industry uses Perlite as an effective soil-less growing media in hydroponic systems and in growing and potting mixes. It ensure adequate air-filled porosity and drainage for the plant roots.

Due to the fact that Sun Silicates manufactures both Perlite and Vermiculite and, since we have the ability to mix and bag in-house, we are in a unique position to supply premixed products custom-made to our customer’s requirements.