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Attapulgite is an extremely versatile industrial mineral that has many practical applications in and around the house, workshop or factory.
The Product is also known as fuller earth or palygorskite and is a Ca, Mg Phyllosilicate that has a needle like structure.
This structure ensure that this clay mineral is highly absorbent and can absorb up to 80% of its mass in oil, water, chemical liquids and heavy metal ions. This makes it suitable for many applications, some off which we are going to discuss today.

Attapulgite used for cleaning of oily floors

When servicing trucks or cars the floors tend to get covered in a thin layer of oil, this creates a slipping hazard, which in turn can cause injury in the workplace.

Due to its low cost sawdust is frequently used to mop up the oil and then disposed of in the waste skips. This method is however less than ideal as it creates a fire hazard, as the easily ignitable saw dust becomes an ignition source for the oil and saw dust mixture.

This is where powdered attapulgite clay comes into its own. It easily mixes with the oil and completely absorbs the pool, making it easy to sweep up. Due to the refractory nature of the material, there is no ignition source so the slipping and fire hazard are easily addressed.

See the video below of how to use the product and how it compares with saw dust showing the marked difference in flammability.




With the oil mopped in this safe manner it is now much safer and easier to dispose of. Please ensure you comply with your local landfill site regulations when disposing of any waste.


Attapulgite used in spill kits

In most, if not all spill kits that you find around factories, workshops and petrol stations you will find a drum or bag of attapulgite clay that is used to absorb industrial spills. Industrial spills includes oils and chemicals, such as acids. In a typical spill kit you will find a broom, scoop and plastic bags along with the absorbent material which is all used to clean up the spill and dispose of the industrial spillage responsible. Please note that Attapulgite is not suitable for the absorption of Hydrofluoric Acid (HF) as it will react with Silica in the clay forming toxic Fluorine gas.


Another item that you will typically find in spill kits is a sausage looking barrier that is used to contain the spillage prevent it from entering other areas. These sausages are constructed from permeable cloth and filled with Vermiculite, another product that Sun Silicates supplies. This product also has excellent absorbent properties, it is a lightweight material that can absorb up to 200 % of its weight.


Attapulgite used for cleaning greasy and oily tools

After a days of heavy work in an engineering workshop the loose tools and spanners are typically dirty and sticky with oil and grease. Normally these tools are submerged in a diesel/paraffin or other solvents to wash away the dirt and grime. This is not only a fire hazard but the volatile chemicals evaporate and can cause respiratory and skin related problems for the artisan handling the tools. A much more environmental friendly and safe way of cleaning the tools is to simply place them in a bowl filled with attapulgite powder. By rubbing the powder over the tools the oil and grease is absorbed by the clay and the tools comes out clean and shiny ready to be used again. Watch our short video that demonstrated how effective this is!




Deodorizing your fridge

Smells and odours in your fridge is caused by the growth of organisms in the moist atmosphere inside of your fridge. By mixing 3 table spoons of table salt with 7 spoons of attapulgite and placing this mixture in an open container in your fridge one can alleviate this problem.
This is how it works: Due to table salts natural hygroscopic properties, the salt absorbs the moisture in the fridge, eliminating the breeding ground for the bacteria. Unfortunately salt can only absorb a small amount of water thus limiting its effectiveness as a deodorizer. This is where the Attapulgite comes in, it in turn keeps the salt dry by storing the moisture. This improves the salts effectiveness and prevents bacterial growth ensuring that you fridge remains odour free.
To ensure the best results always ensure the Attapulgite is dry, if not, replace with a new fresh batch.



For more information regarding the uses of Attapulgite, please contact Sun Silicates (Pty) Ltd, or visit our website

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