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The Jacaranda Agricultural Show, which is being held at the Tshwane Events Centre from 24 – 28 August 2016, offers a feast of agriculture, wildlife farming, agricultural machinery, livestock, agricultural business development, technology, organic farming and much more.

Amongst all this, you will also find Sun Silicates (Pty) Ltd!



We manufacture a full range of perlite filter media. Sun Silicate’s state of the art plant uses natural gas for the high temperature exfoliation, this makes the product inert and suitable for the use in the food industry. Raw material is imported from high quality Turkish mines. These products are used in various applications such as the filtration of beer, wine, fruit juices and a variety of oils. In addition to this we also supply the insulating grades. These grades are used in the refractory, building as well as the hydroponic industry. Perlite excels in these applications due to its high melting point, low density and chemically inert nature.


Plant growing in soil which contains SunPerl perlite.


Vermiculite is used in the construction, agricultural, horticultural and industrial markets. We exfoliate the vermiculite in our own natural gas fired plant. This ensures top quality, sterilised product at competitive pricing. When subjected to heat, vermiculite has the unusual property of exfoliating or expanding into worm-like pieces. This dramatically increases its volume and absorption ability.
This characteristic of exfoliation is the basis for many commercial uses of the mineral and is the result of the mechanical separation of the layers during the rapid conversion of contained water into steam.
In our process we effectively remove any foreign materials and also classify the product so that the coarser grades are dust free.

Vermiculite is insoluble in water and all organic solvents. It is completely safe and easy to handle.
Some of its many applications are:
1. As growing medium where it absorbs more than 200% of its weight in water and thereby keeping the plants wet for long periods and therefore reduces the need for regular irrigation.
2. As ceiling insulation its excellent insulation characteristics and high temperature capabilities (Non smouldering/burning/melting) not only saves energy but also protects your building from the rapid propagation of flame in case of fire. It is not an irritant and easy to spread making it an ideal do it yourself project to save electricity costs while also making it safer for your family.
3. As cavity wall insulation it is light and has good flowing properties that makes installation easy. It can also be treated to prevent moisture absorption and will therefore remain effective for many years.
4. As low density screeds. It can be mixed with cement to form an insulating plaster that has high temperature capabilities – enquire about our refractory mixes for furnace insulations.


Potatoes growing in Sun Silicates vermiculite.


Matutu mine has been actively mining and processing Attapulgite clay in the Mabeskraal area for more than 17 years. It has reserves of more than 1 million tons ensuring continued supplies for the foreseeable future. Its reserves are of high quality making it suitable for many technical applications. Currently it has a drying and screening capacity of some 1600 tons per month.
This versatile mineral is also better known as Fullers earth, named after the man that found its use as a cat litter in 1893. Its excellent absorption capabilities keeps the cat boxes dry and smell free.
The attapulgite is a needle-like clay mineral composed of magnesium-aluminium phyllosilicate, (Mg,Al)2Si4O10(OH)•4(H2O), giving it its high absorption capacity. It absorbs close to 100 % of its weight in water.

Attapulgite clay has been used for many years in the following applications:
1. Cat litter
2. Desiccants
3. Chemical absorbents – for example to absorb cut worm chemicals for the agri industry
4. Granulation binder
5. Suspension agents for liquid fertilisers
6. Bleaching earth for edible oils.
7. Cleaning of jet fuels
8. Absorbent of oils/grease – ideal in your garage to clean up spills.- Spill kits.
9. Poultry and other animal bedding
10. Soil conditioner
11. Additive to animal feeds
12. Oil drilling muds

Matutu Absorbents can supply all the different particle size, moisture and calcined grades for the above applications.

Matutu Absorbents Attapulgite



SoluSil is a range of fertiliser products that are used in the agricultural industry. These products supply soluble silicates to the plants that improves the plant’s heat, drought and pest resistance. These products are supplied in both granular and liquid format. Improves the crop yield.

Purpose made products to use on:
1. Sugarcane
2. Tomatoes
3. Cucumbers
4. Potatoes

Other products

A variety of raw materials are available including but not limited to:
1. Synthetic cryolite (industrial grade)
2. NaCl – salt – food grade
3. Potassium chloride
4. Potassium hydroxide
5. Diatomite
6. Atapulchite
7. Nozzle and well fillers
8. Perlite (Not exfoliated)

Take the time to come and visit our stall at the show, where our business developer will surely greet you with a smile!

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