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Sun Silicates is very excited to share our new look with all our clients. As the Company has grown over the years, we have taken the time to update our Company image, making sure we don’t stagnate in a digital era! Our new look includes our updated website and professional designs done on our Company vehicles, product packaging, and documentation that are sent out to our clients.

This is only the beginning as there are many more to come. We are determined to deliver the best and most professional service to our clients, as customer satisfaction and producing the best quality products are what we strive to.

As the Sun Silicates Group has grown extensively over the past few years, we are excited to share some of our achievements with our clients –


  • The group started with only 7 employees and has already grown to more than 50 employees and now comprises of 5 companies.
  • Sun Silicates is only the second local manufacturer of potassium silicate.
  • Sun Silicates is the only second local manufacturer of perlite filtration media.
  • Sun Perl horticultural perlite product is the only local product equivalent to imported products.
  • Sun Silicates is the only South African company that supplies a complete range of perlite products as well as vermiculite products.
  • Matutu Milling is the only South African company that supplies calcined attapulgite product used as speciality absorbents in the agricultural and energy sector.
  • Sun Insulation is the only local company that manufactures and produces both vermiculite and perlite based insulation and refractory concretes.
  • Sun Silicates is an ISO 9001:2015, Halaal and Kosher certified producer.


For those who has forgotten who Sun Silicates are, or for our new clients and readers in the blogging community, take a few minutes to see who we are, where we come from and what we do. Please follow and like our website so you may remain updated on our progress.


Sun Silicates (Pty) Ltd is a private B2B and B2C company, owned and managed by a dynamic team of engineers and chemical specialists. Sun Silicates (Pty) Ltd was found by Gerbrand Haasbroek in 2006 and the company is located in a heavy industrial site in Wadeville, Germiston.

As an entrepreneur, it has been a lifelong desire of Gerbrand to develop business opportunities and after extensive local and international experience in the metallurgical and chemical industry, he decided to start his first industrial scale venture some 10 years ago.

Initially an opportunity was identified for a speciality chemical, and more specifically for the manufacturing of potassium silicates for the welding and agricultural industries.

A furnace was designed and built and the first potassium silicate cullet was manufactured in 2010.

In 2012 a perlite exfoliation plant was added. Since the technology and the products are complimentary, the expansion of vermiculite was added to the product range in 2014. Now making Sun Silicates the only company in South Africa with the manufacturing ability for the complete range of exfoliated perlite and vermiculite products. In the same year Gerbrand and his son Dewald invested in an attapulgite operation, Matutu Milling, that supplies a variety of absorbent minerals. This plant is continually being expanded and currently a new drier and milling facility is being constructed.

In 2017 a new high capacity mixing/refractory plant has been added to the portfolio. This enables the Sun Silicates group of companies to manufacture pre-blended perlite plasters and screeds, growing media mixes, insulating and other refractory concretes as well as gunning mixes for fire protection materials.


Management and staff have many years of combined experience. Due to our qualified and well experienced engineers, we have a culture of engineering excellence and a high quality technical support.

Our people are technically astute, flexible and quick to react. Sun Silicates have a centralised management structure from where our 5 companies are managed – this ensures a cost effective overhead structure. Through innovation, Sun Silicates ensure that our products are price competitive while being of top quality.


Sun Silicates is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company and together with our Halaal and Kosher certifications we ensure consistency and also food safety, hereby putting our customers at ease when purchasing our products.


We are in regular contact with our customers daily, weekly and monthly depending on the customer’s requirements. We retain our customer base by good quality products, technical support and products at competitive prices. We quote as follows “Our products are value for money, through and through”. We deliver our products to our customers that needs this service ensuring customer satisfaction.


As a professional company, we ensure that we have state of the art systems and procedures in place which includes finance, human resources, customer relationship, laboratory and quality control. Our qualified and experienced staff that includes metallurgical, chemical and mechanical engineers plays a significant role in the professionalism of our company.


As a proudly South African manufacturing facility, we have a Health & Safety program in place and also see training as an important part of our responsibility. We provide both in-house and external training, all of which is accredited.

Management of Sun Silicates see the growth potential of their employees as of high importance, based on this fact our intention is to grow the company in order to create opportunities for our employees.


Download our new Company profile by clicking on the link below!

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For more information, please visit our website at, drop us a line at, or give us a call at 011 824 4600 – we are always ready to assist our clients with any queries or question that you might have!


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