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Building with CemteQ

It takes one innovative idea to change the world, and that is exactly what has happened with Sun Silicates and their sister company CemteQ have done. Sun Silicates produces perlite which is often used in agriculture and gardening as it provides great assistance to the soil by keeping it perfectly moist and assists in draining the water from plants to avoid drowning and surplus moisture. However, it has been established that it has other practical uses in building and construction.


Perlite is a natural element that is created from rapid cooling of volcanic lava which traps crystalline water. This is element is processed by exfoliation, and during this process the perlite takes on a white form while it creates tiny bubbles in the glassy material. This allows the perlite to hold a new look as well as new properties. One of these properties includes insulation. This extends to thermal and acoustic insulation, which is perfect of creating a more environmentally and neighbour friendly building. This also allows it a great bit of flexibility when it comes to its installation as it could be used in a variety of forms.

Perlite in Construction

Perlite in construction is amazing as it has a few benefits to it that makes it appealing to those who will be creating those infrastructures as well as those who are going to be occupying those structures in person. The perlite is a great because you can mix it in with paster or place it in the empty space as a loose element. It has a very low carbon footprint, which makes it easier on the environment, and it is a light weight material. And once all has been done it offers a smooth finish which allows the perfect paint finish.


Even though the conventional uses for perlite are wonderful, its application in construction is revolutionary. Its applications are powerful that will allow for cheaper building projects, with a large increase in value which will be helping all the users in the future, as they will spend less on heating and air cons throughout the seasons, it will help maintain privacy, while protecting the environment. CemteQ is a great innovation that is here to stay, and bring more positive changes. Visit their website for more information.

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