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How to Use Vermiculite in a Container Garden

How to Use Vermiculite in a Container Garden

How to Use Vermiculite in a Container Garden

There is no garden that is too small to benefit from Vermiculite. It has benefits for crops, as well as personal gardens to a container gardens. There is no need to think that your plants do not deserve the nutrients for Vermiculite. Vermiculite is a safe material, that does not pose harm to the plants, nor does it harm people or animals. It is carcinogen free, which confirms its safety. When it comes to a container garden, it has the potential to bloom and bring life to your home, no matter where it is placed.

The Benefit of Vermiculite

It is no secret to many people that vermiculite does amazing things for plants and soil, which is why so many people use it. The reason vermiculite is so great with plants is because it offers them nutrients such as ammonium, potassium, calcium and magnesium. Certain mixtures help retain air, moisture and plant food, releasing them to the plant as required. If the soil that the plants are growing in is nutrient rich, they are able to grow rich and luscious plants.

Container Gardens

Naturally, a container garden would need more attention than a garden outside because it does not have exposure to the natural elements, and the natural ecosystems that are in place. However, when the right steps are done for the garden, the results are very rewarding. When you set up your container garden you should:

  • Mix the vermiculite with the soil. It should be 20% to 25% vermiculite to the soil.
  • Spread the vermiculite evenly throughout the container.
  • Place the plants or seeds in the container.
  • Water the plants or seeds once they have been carefully placed.
  • Do not over water it because the vermiculite retains water well.
  • Enjoy your garden!

Sun Silicates

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