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How Your Pot Plants Benefit from Perlite

How Your Pot Plants Benefit from Perlite

Not everyone might be a farmer, or an avid gardener, some might just enjoy a few potted plants in and around their homes, gardens and offices. The love for having a small amount of plants or a small scale plant is perfectly acceptable, and they add a fresh and needed feeling to many environments. This does not mean that these plants cannot benefit from having a little something to allow them to thrive and grow into something healthy and beautiful. No matter how big the plants will grow, they will always appreciate a little perlite.

How Perlite Benefits Plants

There are various different types and grades of perlite. The type that you would use for your plants would depend on the plant’s needs, the soil and the growing environment. This is because of the different growing requirements and the different nutritional needs that each plant needs. But perlite, is there to help enrich the soil and the plants, and allowing them to have a more comfortable growth. This is because the perlite allows for the plant to experience better aeration. It also has water absorption properties that allows for a more consistency in hydration.

Pot Plant Usage

Of course you cannot sprinkle the perlite all over the plant like salt on food. It will have to be carefully measured our and mixed into the soil then the plant or seeds my be placed. The amount that you would be putting in depends on the size and depth of the pot and the amount of soil that will be placed into it. It is absolutely worth it to invest a little bit of time to find the perfect fit for your plants so that they may brighten up the immediate surroundings and promote a healthier environment.

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Even if you are not into small scale growing, most plants and their soil can benefit from some perlite, or even vermiculite. If you would like to know more about perlite, or get your hands on some, be sure to visit Sun Silicates!

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