Comparing Perlite Filter Media to Diatomaceous Earth-Based Filter Media

Gerbrand Haasbroek

Are you looking for the right filter media? If so, you will probably be debating whether to opt for perlite or diatomaceous earth. Here is what you need to know. 

Perlite as a Filter Media and When to Use it 

Perlite boasts the following characteristics:

  • Angular edges that trap suspended particles
  • Neutral pH and zero toxicity
  • Low wet cake density 

Perlite is available for purchase in a wide array of grades, as the product becomes finer it filter slower, but in turn the final filtrate becomes clearer. The finer the powder, the slower the filtration rate, thus making it suitable for use in a broad variety of filtration applications. Perlite excels when fast and course filtration is required.

Diatomaceous Earth-Based Filter Media and When to Use it 

Diatomaceous earth comes in a variety of grades that includes calcined and flux calcined grades. The flux calcined grades excel when used for fine filtration. For an equivalent particle size, diatomaceous earth filter media will filter faster than the equivalent perlite product. Having said that, it is still commonly employed as a filter media for swimming pools and in general water purification applications. It is used extensively for polishing filtration in both beer and wine processing. With the higher wet cake bulk density of diatomaceous earth, and the typically higher price, the product consumption and resultant cost of filtration will be dearer than when using perlite instead.

High-Grade Bulk Perlite for Sale in South Africa 

If you have decided to embrace the power of perlite as a filter media, you will need to purchase bulk perlite for sale in South Africa. Look no further than Sun Silicates.

We manufacture all the grades of perlite, including the horticultural, construction and filter grades. Currently, our perlite filter-aid is used in the filtration of wine, fruit juices, metal solutions and a variety of edible oils. 

Since Sun Silicates is supplying essential products into the food and agricultural industry, we can therefore supply for your needs even during the COVID-19 lockdown. Bulk orders come with a discount which effectively helps to cut costs. This could give your company the ‘edge’ in terms of recovering from the economic impact that the virus has had on most industries within South Africa. 

For more information, or to place your order, please be sure to get in touch with our team.