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3 Common Soil Problems and How to Solve Them

Gerbrand Haasbroek

Is the growth in your garden being hampered as a result of soil problems? Then you are probably desperate to rectify the issues and to see your plants starting to thrive once again. Below is a list of three of the most common soil problems, which also explains how to solve them quickly and effectively by using products such as mulch, organic matter and horticultural perlite.

1. Lack of Fertility

One of the most likely reasons as to why your soil may not be quite as fertile as you had hoped is a high saline content. This is a big problem for people living near the ocean, but it can also affect gardens inland, especially in cases when the water table is  close to the soil’s surface. A possible way in which to remedy soil salinity is to add a layer of organic matter to the top of the soil. This should lead to a decreased need for water and a reduction in overall salinity. 

2. Nutrient Deficiency 

Look out for yellowing foliage, frequent insect infestations and poor growth as they can all be signs that your soil is lacking important nutrients. Resolve the problem by replenishing the soil’s nutrients with the help of a high-quality fertiliser as well as nutrient-rich organic matter, such as leaf mould or manure. 

3. Poor Drainage 

Poor drainage can result in excessive moisture that can lead to rotting roots, run-off and a reduction in topsoil. The easiest and most affordable way in which to maximise drainage is with the help of horticultural perlite. It allows for improved air flow throughout the soil and holds onto the perfect amount of water, all the while letting the excess drain away. 

Excesssive drainage /rapid drying of the soil is due to the lack of water holding capacity of your soil. This can be improved this  by adding coir/peat moss or horticultural vermiculite that absorbs large quantities of water and nutrients and slowly releases it to the plants.

Supplying World-Class Horticultural and Agricultural Perlite in Bulk 

Allow Sun Silicates to supply you with horticultural perlite and vermiculite for sale in South Africa. For more information about horticultural  perlite and vermiculite and how it can benefit you, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team. 

How to Use Perlite in Growing Media

Gerbrand Haasbroek

You might have heard all about the benefits of horticultural perlite, such as its ease of use, sustainability, affordability and convenience. If so, you may be wondering how to put it to good use in your residential, commercial or agricultural gardens. Here is what you need to know. 

Why Should I Consider Growing in Perlite?

Horticultural  perlite is an amorphous volcanic glass that effectively stores moisture and nutrients for plants. Perlite only retains a complementary amount of moisture based on the rate at which the plant absorbs it, all the while allowing any excess to drain away. Along with these benefits, perlite is a great choice for gardeners and farmers because it is clean, lightweight, sterile and environmentally friendly.

How to Start Growing in Perlite

The first step is choosing what type of perlite to use. It is available in three different , namely coarse/large, medium, and fine. 

  • Coarse Agricultural Perlite

Due to the fact that coarse horticultural perlite has the highest level of porosity, it maximises drainage and allows for better airflow throughout the soil. For this reason, coarse perlite is often a great choice for both residential and commercial gardens. 

  • Medium Perlite

This grade is typically used in the construction industry, however it can also be used when you are propagating seedlings in small trays. It can also be used in pots or bags on its own, for growing tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers.

  • Fine Perlite

The fine perlite entrains more water than the coarser grades and is used in a similar applications as the medium perlite as well as when rapid root production is required. As such, you will often find it in rooting cuttings and seed-starting mixes.

Finally, you can also utilise horticultural  perlite in hydroponics. 

We Manufacture High-Quality Horticultural Perlite 

There are many reasons why you should consider Sun Silicates as your trusted horticultural perlite supplier. For example, due to the fact that we are the only local manufacturer of both perlite and vermiculite. Furthermore we are in a unique position to supply premixed products that are custom-made to our customer’s requirements. For more information about our horticultural perlite for sale, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team.

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