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Where to Find High-Quality Perlite and Vermiculite in South Africa

Gerbrand Haasbroek

Perlite and vermiculite can be used both as soil additives or as filter media. Due to their exceptional insulating properties, they are also often seen in the construction industry. 

Arguably, the most common use for perlite and vermiculite is in the agricultural and horticultural sectors. These minerals can retain up to four times their weight in water, and yet still aid in encouraging drainage. As a result of their porous nature, horticultural grade perlite and vermiculite help to maximise soil aeration. 

If you are keen to embrace the power of agricultural perlite and vermiculite, you will undoubtedly be looking for a perlite and vermiculite factory that specialises in perlite and vermiculite for sale in South Africa. Introducing Sun Silicates

South Africa’s Leading High-Capacity Perlite and Vermiculite Factory

Our perlite and vermiculite factory specialises in the manufacture of these high quality products for a variety of different sectors in South Africa. 

We sell perlite and vermiculite separately and we are also able to provide our customers with the opportunity to benefit from unique mixes of the two, as per their specifications and budget constraints. 

So, how can you be sure that our factory can supply you with world-class quality? For starters, Sun Silicates is ISO 9001:2015 compliant. Our high-quality perlite ore is imported from Turkish and Greek mines. The difference in quality is quite significant compared to other variants of perlite currently available on the market. It is characterised by low density while maintaining strength that ensures a dust-free product.

When it comes to processing our vermiculite, we effectively remove any foreign materials and also classify the product so that the coarser grades are dust-free. Our processes rely on natural gas to exfoliate the perlite and vermiculite, this, in turn, gives the growers the surety that no hydrocarbon deposits will find their way into the growing media, a problem that can have serious implications on plant health. The high temperature processes that are employed ensure a completely sterile product.

At our perlite and vermiculite factory, you can choose from a wide array of grades including coarse, medium, fine, superfine, and micron grades in line with your needs. 

In light of COVID-19 and the subsequent economic impact on the agriculture and construction industries, we are encouraging our customers to consider placing bulk orders and benefiting from the automatic discount thereof. Obviously, it is now more important than ever to cut costs! 

Get in touch today for more information or to place your order. 

5 Important Uses of Vermiculite

Gerbrand Haasbroek

Vermiculite is a naturally occurring, non-toxic mineral with an impressive absorption capacity. It is because of this characteristic that it boasts many amazing uses within various sectors. We highlight some of the most important vermiculite uses below. 

A Growing Medium 

Due to COVID-19, an increased number of people are spending time at home. If you are using this time to declutter, fix things in and around your living space, and tend to your garden, then you should know that vermiculite can help.

Since vermiculite can absorb three – four times its weight in water, it is commonly embraced within the agricultural industry. Its absorption ability makes it possible for the medium to keep plants moist and well-hydrated for long periods without any need for regular watering. This means that it contributes to sustainable farming and agriculture around the globe, all the while enhancing growth and longevity. 

A Ceiling and Cavity Wall Insulation 

High energy costs are associated with homes and businesses that lack adequate insulation. Because vermiculite is lightweight, it is easy to install as an effective means for ceiling and cavity wall insulation. It can also be treated to prevent moisture absorption, thus making it a solution that will last for many years to come. 

A Non-flammable Material 

Vermiculite has excellent high-temperature capabilities (non-smouldering/burning/melting). This protects your building from the rapid spread of flames in case of fire. 

A Low-Density Screed 

One of the most common vermiculite uses is to mix it with cement to form an insulating plaster. This plaster is known to possess high-temperature capabilities and optimal durability. This insulation reduces your energy usage both during the winter and the summer, thus making it a cost-effective and environmentally beneficial upgrade to your house.

A Gunning Mix 

A notable benefit of vermiculite is its ability to protect steel structures. When used to create gunning mixes, it provides buildings with the fire ratings that are required by law.

Vermiculite for Agriculture, Horticulture, and Construction Industry Uses 

Here at Sun Silicates, we specialise in vermiculite for sale in South Africa. Our vermiculite uses extend from the agriculture and horticulture industries through to the construction industry. For more information, get in touch with us today.

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